Frequently Asked Questions

We offer online video courses. We have designed bite-sized learning units per course, which cover all the main aspects of the subject you want to study, in a brief, user-friendly, and enjoyable way. No need for long documents or textbooks, no need to start from unit one and go through all units in a predefined order; you decide what is most important to you and start from there. Each unit includes a practice exercise that lets you apply what you have learnt. Then, depending on each course, there is also supporting material, like tips, links, visuals, etc. For each course you can select between the self-paced learning mode or the instructor-supported learning mode.

Self-paced learning is autonomous. You can learn at your own pace, without any interaction with the course instructor. You just go through the learning units, practice with the exercises and test your knowledge through the final assessment. You will have unlimited access to the course for 3 months from your registration date. You can refer back to any unit at any time, or go through the whole course as many times as you wish, for the 3-month period. Instructor-supported learning provides you with all the privileges of the self-paced learning mode, but also gives you the opportunity to interact with the course instructor to ask questions and receive answers, or send assignments and get feedback. Communication is available via the built-in tools of the learning platform, like chat, e-mail, or discussion forum. If you select this option to learn you will receive a welcome email from the instructor with more details about your contact options.

The online courses have no set start or end dates. You can register and start anytime within the year, like you would do in a private course. You can login and take a course, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Most of our courses are offered in English. However, whenever you see a Greek title for a course you can expect Greek to be the language of instruction.

That totally depends on you. We have kept the total video time to 1-2 hours for each course, but this is only if you watch each unit once. In most cases you will want to watch, pause, and review some videos once or twice. Plus, there are also practice exercises, tips and key points you may wish to check.

Yes. Upon successful completion of the online course, we will email your certificate of attendance. The successful completion of an online course is verified through your successful completion of the final assessment test (self-paced learning) or successful submission of a final assignment (instructor- supported learning).

We use the Blackboard platform for our online courses. You can enter Blackboard from your desktop, laptop or tablet. You will not have to download any software. You will only need to have access to the Internet and to have your speakers on, to be able to hear the audio of the videos. Some tips or optional readings are presented in a pdf format, so a PDF reader may also be needed.

First, you select a course.

Then, you decide the mode of learning: self-paced learning or instructor-supported learning and you click “Buy” under the selected option.

This will bring you to a secure payment page. You can use a debit, prepaid, or credit card to pay for the course. You will receive a confirmation message if the transaction is successful.

We will then email you a username and password to log on to the Blackboard platform.

There is ongoing support and help all the way. All the contact details you need are here.



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