Online Job Interview Simulator

Rehearse your interview, get personal tips and land the job

Are you aiming for a career with a foreign company? Do you have an online job interview in English? Rehearse your interview with our native Business English instructor and get personal tips to better present yourself, your skills and your experience, as well as tackle technical issues involved in an online interview.


How it works?

  • You book (buy) an online interview session
  • We confirm receipt of your request and arrange contact with your interview instructor (interviewer). You need to inform the interviewer about the position you are applying for
  • You choose a convenient time for the mock interview and you send the interviewer your CV. He can then arrange the interview questions around your profile
  • You receive a guide with practical tips
  • You have your Skype interview and learn to put the tips into practice


What you get?

  • A short practical guide with tips to help you prepare for your interview and useful phrases for self-presentation, salary negotiations, clarifications needed about work conditions, relocation, and so on
  • 1-hour interview via Skype; the actual interview is half an hour, while the second half hour is devoted to personalized advice for better interview performance
€ 55,00 BUY